What you Need to know about getting a Brazilian ?

A Brazilian wax is were an esthetician removes hair for the female or male genitial area all the way to the peri anal a.k.a your anus. Most of us are more familiar with the concept of a bikini wax. It's when an esthetician uses hot wax to get rid of the hair that would be visible if one were to wear a bikini bottom. The Brazilian is basically the same deal—just removing more hair*.* A Brazilian includes the strands along the vagina lips and in your behind. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top. Or, you can go fully bare. Introduced back in 1987 by a group of Brazilian sisters (yes, really), the Brazilian has remained the most popular hair removal method in the U.S. today.

The prep: You gotta let it grow.

For someone who’s been shaving down there for the better part of their life, you have to be uncomfortable with the concept of having to grow it out. The ideal length for waxing pubic hair is a quarter-inch, which means you can not use the razor for nearly three weeks. The first few days aren't that bad but I know this can be annoying or even uncomfortable for most. Just pull through I know you got this!!


  • Let the hair grow as long as possible (the longer, the better).

  • Take two ibuprofen tablets a few hours ahead of my appointment.

  • Bring some wipes so I’d feel clean while some random lady was up and around my crotch.

  • Don't work out afterwards because the area would still be super sensitive.

  • Wear comfortable loose clothes.

What are the pros and cons to getting waxed?

PROS to getting waxed :

#1 Extended hairlessness. This really is the #1 reason to get a Brazilian wax. When the hair is ripped from the follicle, it takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks for the hair to grow back. That means for more than a month, you can proudly parade around with a pubic region as smooth as a baby’s bum!

#2 No razor burn. And here is the selling point, folks! purely because it means you don’t have to deal with razor burn. This is the best At least, it was for me. Razor burn is almost as unattractive on the bikini line as having little hairs sticking out. Not to mention way more uncomfortable. But with waxing, there is no fear of tiny red pain monsters masking the beauty that is your bare vagina region or having to reach down and scratch the itchy area.

#3 Hair growth thins over time. An almost-permanent bonus! If you’re regularly waxing for a long time, some hair just stops growing back. When the hair is continuously plucked from its natural abode – your hair follicle – the follicle becomes stretched out and loose, resulting in new hair either not forming or just falling out without any extra help. I can definitely attest to this point!

#4 Confidence. Last, but certainly not least. The confidence you gain from a full Brazilian wax comes from the freedom of it. When you don’t have to worry about unwanted and unattractive hair clouding the way to your ray of sunshine, you will feel way more comfortable slipping into that tiny bikini or sexy lingerie you’ve been saving for a special day!

CONS to getting waxed:

#1 The pain. “What? Waxing is painful?!” Well, unless you’re from another planet completely or have had all pain receptors removed from your bikini area, yes, it is painful. The process of waxing includes removing each hair from their individual follicles. So basically we are yanking out hundreds of hairs from deep in your skin. As you can probably imagine, it hurts a bit – especially since it is literally ALL of the hair you have down there. Also, if you have been shaving for years your growth cycle and patterns aren't growing all in sync as they should when you get waxed. Shaving the hair down is still leaving the hair follicle attached which means all the new growth is pushing dead hair to the surface causing ingrown hairs.

#2 Growing out the hair. This is the least fun part about waxing. Because you get to be all worry-and hair-free for so long, but then you have to grow your hair out before you’re able to get it waxed again. Since your pubic hair has to be about ¼ inch long before it can be waxed, it means there’s about a week to a week and a half time span that you won’t want to go out wearing anything less than shorts.

#3 Someone is all up in your goodies. This may only be a con for those of you who are very shy or find it very uncomfortable for a stranger to be seeing your most private parts. but I can reassure you if you have a confident waxer she will make the process very comfortable for you as much as possible. She can step out of the room while you get prepped or some estheticians will stay in the room. Either way, you and your esthetician are about to be real close and friends and establishing a comfortable experience is key to you having to undress of a stranger for the first time.

#4 Sometimes you can get ingrown hairs with your waxing sessions; Many times ingrown hairs are a result of poor skincare maintenance or inexperienced care during or after your wax. The good news is, preventing ingrown hairs from happening is not only possible, but it's easy, as long as you are willing to uphold your commitment to good skin care practices. Although ingrown hair may not happen after every waxing session, no one wants to be stuck with itchy, irritated skin. Here’s what you need to know about those annoying ingrown hairs and what you can do to prevent them. Ingrown hairs can occur as a result of the hair is not completely being removed after you wax. The remaining hair reverts under the skin and starts to grow beneath the surface. As a result, the ingrown hair will create small, flesh-colored or reddish pimple-like bumps on your skin, which can be itchy and can cause redness, swelling, irritation, and pain. Especially in those intimate areas. When you wax, your hair is being removed by being uprooted from the follicle. Because of this, there are times when the hair may regrow inward, rather than the outward, "normal" growth pattern. Although ingrown hairs are much more common due to shaving with a razor, ingrown hair after waxing happens when the hair doesn’t break the skin’s surface or when the hair grows back into the skin. You'll find that ingrown hair will typically take place in areas where the hair is thicker, like the underarms, legs or the bikini line. This is because cut hairs can more easily curl back into the skin when the hair is dense and curly. Even though those are the most common areas, ingrown hair can happen anywhere the hair is removed. If you do experience ingrown hairs you'll be counting the days until the pain and redness subside. Unfortunately, there is no set timeframe for how long it takes ingrown hairs to go away. Factors like your skin type, your hair type, and even how irritated your skin has become, all contribute to the longevity of ingrown hair. You can also see a longer healing time if you constantly scratch or disturb the area. We encourage you to be proactive and not reactive. This means practicing proper before and after skin care between your waxing appointments. The care you receive can also be a huge factor of the amount and the intensity of your ingrown hairs. A consistent skincare regimen will help to prevent those pesky hairs from showing up in the first place.

Tips to do after you get waxed and how to maintain a healthy, pain free and how to treat ingrown hair

Exfoliate Getting rid of the top and dead layers of your skin can stop the hair from becoming trapped underneath the skin. Rather than waiting for the ingrown hairs to happen, deal with them by gently exfoliating as a preventative measure. By exfoliating, you speed up the natural process of shedding your outer layer, which happens at a much slower pace normally. Regularly exfoliating the areas you get waxed will strip away dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores and ingrown hair. As a best practice, you should exfoliate the areas that will be waxed at least two days before and three days after your appointment. When choosing the proper exfoliate, make sure that it is a gentle and mild product that also contains a soothing ingredient like aloe. (For polished skin try the https://furyou.com/products/silk-scrub made with natural and nourishing ingredients).

Hydrate Dry skin will cause the hair to break at the surface level rather than be removed from the follicle. As a result, the hair will regrow and easily break and curl under the skin causing ingrown hair. Keep your skin nourished, and hydrated frequently to prevent the hair from breaking at the surface level during your body waxing. You should also keep your skin hydrated and moisturized after your session so the hair will grow back healthier than before. Moisturize the skinhttps://furyou.com/products/stubble-cream until the day before your wax to keep the area hydrated. All over body moisturizer maintains smoothness. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this 100% natural formula is ideal for daily use to prevent ingrown, bumps, and razor burn. Used as an aftershave it softens…

Moisturize A proper moisturizer, like a lotion or body oil, is recommended for daily use to loosen dead skin that can create ingrown hair. After your bath or shower apply a generous amount to all areas on the body. However, do not over moisturize places like your genital area, as it is already naturally moist. Consider purchasing a natural product, such as FUR oil https://furyou.com/products/fur-oil Safe for your most sensitive areas and won’t stain your silk. Specifically designed for pubic hair and skin, our signature blend of lightweight oils gently softens hair and clears pores for fewer ingrown and healthier skin.

Consider Your Clothing Also, be mindful that what you wear can affect the appearance and growth of ingrown hairs. Following your wax, you should wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing to help your skin breathe, as tight-fitting clothing can actually force your hair to grow back into the skin instead of outward. Giving your newly waxed area the opportunity to breathe will help the hairs grow back properly.

If you follow these steps and still see the appearance of these pesky and persistent ingrown hairs, as much as you may be tempted to, DO NOT PLUCK THEM! Let your esthetician take care of that by getting a VAJACIAL which is a great treatment to do after your Brazilian waxes.

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